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free+game+001 Sudoku
Online game: Sudoku game for all levels including children.
free+game+002 Straight Clear-up
Online game: Classic game of billiards. Can you put all the balls?
free+game+003 Gem crusher
Online game: Try to remove the parts than selecting from groups of 3 pieces.
free+game+004 MySweeper
Online game: Windows classic game where you must locate the pumps
free+game+005 Air Hockey
Online game: Classic game arcades
free+game+006 Pac-Xon
Online game: Pac-man game. You must go by square driving the Pac-man. Each square you do is safe ground for you and the ghosts can not enter. Watch, if the ghosts touch you are doing grate lose a life.
free+game+007 Penguins against Bears
Online game: The penguins are angry at why polar bears have so far neglected, but that should change.
free+game+008 Mine Maze
Online game: Take the gold to the wagon with the hook
free+game+009 Child Mahjong
Online game: Find the groups and make the tiles disappear.
free+game+010 G-Switch - Up and down
Online game: This doll is making the journey all the while sticking to the walls, it does not do it up or down, but never detached.
free+game+011 Fruit Fall
Online game: Here are some fruits that should disappear as a couple
free+game+012 Calculix
Online game: Think fast the results of operations on the screen and record the result before the time runs out.
free+game+013 The governor of poker 2
Online game: As in the first version, this game is based on Texas Holdem poker, but where you are the one / the protagonist of a peculiar history.
free+game+014 Savage battle for food
Online game: The big fish eats the little one and in this case you must make that happen
free+game+015 Lost World
Online game: Similar to Bubble Bobble game but set in Angry birds
free+game+016 Classic Domino
Online game: Domino typical game where you play against the computer.
free+game+017 Blue or red
Online game: The classic rock-paper-scissors game
free+game+018 3D Cube
Online game: Paint the boxes with the number of cubes indicated in each case
free+game+019 Egyptian Eye
Online game: You must get to the chest before your opponent
free+game+020 Solitaire Poker
Online game: Do you play on your own combinations with the cards you´re out to get his hands with the highest score possible
free+game+021 Good of Poker
Online game: Play holden texas against other virtual players and show that you are the best
free+game+022 Color balls
Online game: With colored balls to get five in a row to remove them and try to leave blank panel
free+game+023 Roads of Rome
Online game: Build the road to get to Rome, so it must cut firewood, gather food, build bridges, kill animals ...
free+game+024 Numatrix
Online game: Juice majhong very similar to but with numbers and colors
free+game+025 Build Villas
Online game: Choose what type of building you want for your city and build it, the more buildings you have more and bigger raise your city can do
free+game+026 Road to Rome 2
Online game: Build the road to get to Rome, so it must cut firewood, gather food, build bridges, kill animals ...
free+game+027 1001 Mazes
Online game: Drive the square through the maze of colors passing only the same color
free+game+028 Bomber Girl
Online game: You must kill the ghosts placing bombs
free+game+029 3D Maze
Online game: Walk the labyrinth until the piece reaches its destination
free+game+030 Bomb it three
Online game: A more advanced version of the classic Bomb it, where the characters are not robots, but boys
free+game+031 Chess 3D
Online game: The classic game of chess
free+game+032 Arabian Nights
Online game: You do a tour of the Tales of the Arabian Nights, where you must recover the pieces of the puzzle are hidden among other colored pieces.
free+game+033 Domino Jamaica
Online game: Play this classic against three imaginary players and the best team win!
free+game+034 Checkers
Online game: A classic game of checkers, with a very simple dynamic where the objective is to destroy the opponent´s pieces without him prior to your own ends.
free+game+035 Guitar hero 2
Online game: If you´ve always wanted to be a true rocker and learn to play the guitar, now you can practice with this game


free online game: Multiplayer online game. Eat or be eaten. This game is about surviving and growing more than the other players
free+game+037 Escape the lab
free online game: Try to get as far as possible by eating enemies. You cannot touch the chain link fences or they will take your life. If you collect more coins you can buy accessories and improvements to be able to go further in the next games.
free+game+038 Fitballs
free online game: Choose the balls so that they all fit inside the container without exceeding the black line
free+game+039 Traffic run
free online game: Try not to get overwhelmed by the traffic and reach the finish line without any bumps.
free+game+040 Drive this
free online game: Try to get all the passengers to the stop without hitting any obstacles.
free+game+041 Winter cube
free online game: It is a cube that has to jump obstacles in a straight line
free+game+042 Rodeo riders
free online game: It is about a cowboy who must go from_ one animal to another trying to avoid obstacles and expanding the zoo he has.
free online game: You are a paper cube that wants to conquer ground. Try to have the maximum percentage of the map.
free online game: You are a black hole and as such you eat everything in your path that is not bigger than you
free+game+045 Monopoly
free online game: Play classic monopoly and try to be the richest of all and not run out of money
free+game+046 Five Nights at Freddy´s
free online game: This is a horror game in which you control Mike Schmidt, a security guard at a pizzeria where_ every night the dolls revive and roam the restaurant turned into unbalanced murderers, wanting to avenge their painful existence. He watches the hallways with the security cameras so they don´t kill you.
free+game+047 Flappy bird
free online game: Go through the hole going through all the green tubes without colliding with them.
free+game+048 Classic Domino (old)
free online game: This is the old game of classic dominoes in flash that has been in SuperJocs for so many years and that we have recovered so that you can play on the computer.
free+game+049 The blue snake
free online game: A blue snake eats everything in its path and when it does grows to the same extent as the balls that it eats.
free+game+050 Crazy taxis
free online game: You drive a taxi that is in a rush to make its way
free+game+051 Mitia the storyteller
free online game: Find the lost items of the pirates
free+game+052 The happy monkeys in the samurai castle
free online game: Get all the monkeys to meet and complete the mission in the castle of the samurai
free+game+053 Blue and red
free online game: The game consists of joining the two balls
free+game+054 Rocket Launcher
free online game: Aim and shoot for the sheep that are trapped in the ice to be released
free+game+055 Flip the farmer
free online game: Join the farmer Flip to make the rounds for his farm and solve the problems that arise during his trip
free+game+056 Revenge of Victoria
free online game: The warship Victoria must end her submerged enemies by throwing bombs at the bottom of the sea
free+game+057 Word maze
free online game: In this game you must be the fastest to find the letters that form the words at the top of the screen
free+game+058 The golden demon and the happy monkeys
free online game: Search and inspect all game scenarios to find the objects and clues to reach the end and complete the mission
free+game+059 The combination
free online game: Hit the right spot to open the lock
free+game+060 Escape from the fountain house
free online game: Find and solve the little riddles to find your way out of the font´s house.
free+game+061 The wizard Waldo
free online game: The wizard Waldo has been kidnapped by the dragon and must go a long way full of dangers to rescue him
free+game+062 Derailed
free online game: You must prevent the train from_ derailing
free+game+063 Jack the outlaw
free online game: You are Jack, outlaw of the law and you must get away from_ those who persecute you to reach the sacred totem and get your treasure
free+game+064 The solitaire of golf
free online game: The mechanics of the game is to place the cards in the center at the bottom until there are no more
free+game+065 Happy monkeys in the four worlds 2
free online game: Find a way to complete the missions that monkeys must do in the four worlds
free+game+066 chicken to the basket
free online game: The goal of the game is to get the blond chickens into the basket
free+game+067 Jinx 2
free online game: A ghost that does not know how to fly alone and you must help him
free+game+068 Jinx
free online game: You race against others in an obstacle course
free+game+069 Bob the snail 7
free online game: Help Snail Bob overcome obstacles and tests to reach the end of his journey unharmed
free+game+070 The happy monkeys and the four worlds
free online game: Find a way to make monkeys happy by finding what the game characters lack
free+game+071 Roll the monster
free online game: Fire the cannon to make the monsters fall and die
free+game+072 Energizing water
free online game: The objective of the games is to get the gate open that will let you pass to the next level
free+game+073 The magic tower
free online game: Help the magician escape the dragon, avoid being trapped and accumulate points while discovering everything in your path. Good luck!
free+game+074 Bomb it 7
free online game: The classic game of putting bombs and eliminating your opponents before they finish with you
free+game+075 Bob the snail in the snow
free online game: In a winter scenario Bob will travel a road full of obstacles and dangers that must be overcome if he wants to get to the end unharmed
free+game+076 The snail Bob 5
free online game: A great adventure that Bob will live to get the love of his life
free+game+077 Battle ship
free online game: The classic juice of sinking the fleet where you must find your opponent´s boats before he does
free+game+078 Solitaire in three bands
free online game: The objective of the game is to ensure that no ball remains on the board
free+game+079 Mathematics bubble pop
free online game: This game will test your mental calculation capacity
free+game+080 Treasure in the dark
free online game: We have a ship inside a cave and we must be careful not to crash and control the fuel level
free+game+081 The princess escapes from the castle
free online game: Help the princess so that she can escape from the castle where she is imprisoned
free+game+082 Quick escape
free online game: Go against the clock to escape three different scenarios
free+game+083 Chicken road
free online game: Make sure the chickens can cross the road, make sure that the cars do not run them over
free+game+084 In the form of a ninja
free online game: The piece in the form of a ninja must touch the piece in the form of a lord to pass the level
free+game+085 The hole
free online game: In this game of tetris the difficulty is in being fast enough to choose the piece that fits in the closest hole
free+game+086 The young Indiana Jones
free online game: This young Indiana Jones, will travel different labyrinths to collect as many diamonds as possible avoiding dangers and obstacles
free+game+087 The treasure hunter
free online game: You are a treasure hunter that you know there are some hidden but to find them you will have to work moving boxes
free+game+088 Wheely 6: Fairy Tale
free online game: This time Wheely will be a gentleman who will rescue his princess from all the dangers in which she is involved
free+game+089 Wheely 5: Armageddon
free online game: One more adventure of Wheely, this time has the mission of finding a short grass
free+game+090 The way of the sheep
free online game: You must stack sheep up to the window. Launch the sheep by pulling on their pants to catapult each sheep into the air! Stack them as high as you can until you reach the window.
free+game+091 The ghost mansion 8
free online game: Find the hidden ghosts of the images. Each level has 10 and time is limited, so be quick looking
free+game+092 Kamikaze Blocks
free online game: In this game, whoever conquers the most ground wins
free+game+093 Frozen box
free online game: A block of ice must reach its destination and to do so in some moments it must become a solid block and in others ice
free+game+094 Snowy labyrinth
free online game: Paint the entire maze avoiding the approaching obstacles. How many levels can you overcome?
free+game+095 The snow remover
free online game: It has snowed a lot and your job is to remove the snow from the parking lot so that the cars can leave
free+game+096 Harry the hamster 3
free online game: This time Harry is locked in his running ball and must get to the food
free+game+097 Harry the hamster 2
free online game: the hamster wants to get home but a lot of food prevents it
free+game+098 Escape to the home
free online game: A very determined lover wants to get to his girlfriend anyway
free+game+099 The hidden stars of Star Wars
free online game: Be faster than your pursuers
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