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Free online games

free+game+001 LadyStar Adventure - Spot the Difference
Online game: Scavenger hunt adventure format differences
free+game+002 Straight Clear-up
Online game: Classic game of billiards. Can you put all the balls?
free+game+003 Gem crusher
Online game: Try to remove the parts than selecting from groups of 2 pieces.
free+game+004 MySweeper
Online game: Windows classic game where you must locate the pumps
free+game+005 Air Hockey
Online game: Classic game arcades
free+game+006 Pac-Xon
Online game: Pac-man game. You must go by square driving the Pac-man. Each square you do is safe ground for you and the ghosts can not enter. Watch, if the ghosts touch you are doing grate lose a life.
free+game+007 Penguins against Bears
Online game: The penguins are angry at why polar bears have so far neglected, but that should change.
free+game+008 Mine Maze
Online game: Bring the gold to the cart through the mine.
free+game+009 Child Mahjong
Online game: Find the groups and make the tiles disappear.
free+game+010 G-Switch - Up and down
Online game: This doll is making the journey all the while sticking to the walls, it does not do it up or down, but never detached.
free+game+011 Disney's hidden letters
Online game: Find the letters hidden in these pictures of Disney
free+game+012 Bratz Mini Tac Toe
Online game: Get three or more mini Bratz in the same vertical or horizontal line to disappear and join points, animals are also worth points.
free+game+013 Fruit Fall
Online game: Here are some fruits that should disappear in groups of three.
free+game+014 Kitty Witty
Online game: Very addictive game where you make lines of at least three Witty Kittys of the same color.
free+game+015 Calculix
Online game: Think fast the results of operations on the screen and record the result before the time runs out.
free+game+016 The governor of poker 2
Online game: As in the first version, this game is based on Texas Holdem poker, but where you are the one / the protagonist of a peculiar history.
free+game+017 Savage battle for food
Online game: The mother and the little savage wants to collect as much fruit as possible before the gorilla it away.
free+game+018 Lost World
Online game: Similar to Bubble Bobble game but set in Indiana Jones.
free+game+019 Classic Domino
Online game: Domino typical game where you play against the computer.
free+game+020 Winx couples
Online game: Looking for partners in these targetas
free+game+021 3D Cube
Online game: Join the two boxes the same color making a road that comes from the first box to the second without interrupting the way other color. Rubik
free+game+022 Egyptian Eye
Online game: You should get out the Egyptian Eye of the hole, moving the stones are trapped
free+game+023 Good of Poker
Online game: Play the classic five-card poker and $ 1000 to play 15 hands at a table of four
free+game+024 Magic stones
Online game: A monk guardian of great treasure of the temple wants to get to him and it must go through a series of gates that can only be opened with the right combination of magic stones
free+game+025 Color balls
Online game: With colored balls to get five in a row to remove them and try to leave blank panel
free+game+026 Roads of Rome
Online game: Build the road to get to Rome, so it must cut firewood, gather food, build bridges, kill animals ...
free+game+027 Doli pack for vacation
Online game: Doly and his friends go on vacation but before you pack should, can you help?
free+game+028 Numatrix
Online game: Juice majhong very similar to but with numbers and colors
free+game+029 Dog hotel
Online game: During the summer the owners of the dogs left in a hotel for your care for them
free+game+030 Build Villas
Online game: Choose what type of building you want for your city and build it, the more buildings you have more and bigger raise your city can do
free+game+031 Road to Rome 2
Online game: Build the road to get to Rome, so it must cut firewood, gather food, build bridges, kill animals ...
free+game+032 1001 Mazes
Online game: Leads to the game´s characters through mazes to find out
free+game+033 Bomber Girl
Online game: You must kill the ghosts placing bombs
free+game+034 Totem Treasure fifteen
Online game: Get the treasure map of the clues that will lead to it
free+game+035 Memory Game of Monster High
Online game: Looking for partners of Hihg Monster faces of all the ones in the game


free+game+036 The fluid meter
free online game: Observe the water tanks and containers where the water should fall. The number of liters must match so that water does not spill or container remains half full
free+game+037 Secret passages
free online game: Find the keys to open the door and walking to the next level
free+game+038 Tom and Jerry and the midnight snack
free online game: Jerry is sleepwalking and at midnight he gets up to go to the kitchen in search of food. You must make your journey through the dangerous scenario not wake Tom up
free+game+039 The snorer elephant on treasure island
free online game: All the animals must work as a team to wake up the elephant that with its snoring does not let anyone rest
free+game+040 Tripical mini golf
free online game: Try to get the ball in with as few hits as possible
free+game+041 Escape the old man´s house
free online game: Try to escape from this house full of little puzzles and mysteries that you must solve to get out
free+game+042 Rambo
free online game: A single soldier against an army. Will it be able to fulfill its mission?
free+game+043 The wonderland of captain Marcela
free online game: Marcela captain should mount his post Christmas stuff but still have not received them, search for them.
free+game+044 English writing
free online game: Demonstrate your knowledge of English and write the word balloons.
free+game+045 The duck treasure hunter
free online game: This duck will travel a dangerous road full of obstacles and dangers to be the first to find the lost treasure of the city
free+game+046 Wheely 3
free online game: This time Wheely will chase a mafia band that has stolen gas from the city
free+game+047 Rural town
free online game: Build a village that is sustainable, able to support itself and obtain benefits from its farms
free+game+048 The ghost mansion 6
free online game: Help Hector to tour the ghost mansion from top to bottom, passing through all the rooms without their inhabitants noticing his presence
free+game+049 The ghost mansion 5
free online game: Help Hector to tour the ghost mansion from top to bottom, passing through all the rooms without their inhabitants noticing his presence
free+game+050 Digital Sudoku
free online game: A classic sudoku but against the clock and with the option to resolve it at the time you want to play.
free+game+051 Hockey goal
free online game: Make the puck into the goal and make goal

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